The Economics of Happiness

Sept. 22, 2018 – GreenFlix launches in South Delta!

Our first film questioned conventional assumptions about the benefits of a growing global economy. Discover how false assumptions impact the quality of our lives, and how localized economies are bringing greater happiness to many around the world.

Click below to watch the complete film (short version) online!

One thought on “The Economics of Happiness”

  1. This was a good choice for the first film of the GreenFlix series. Although it’s somewhat dated (2011) and a lot of bad things have happened since then, there is some room for optimism. I would like to flush out more ideas of what we can do to reverse the destructive trend of globalization. Some ideas that came out of the discussion were to buy local as much as possible, patronizing small independent businesses rather than large mega-corporations; use a credit union for financial matters rather than a large corporate bank; support politicians who defend and protect farmland and encourage small family farms, especially organic ones, buy from those small family farms (consider a CSA next year?) and chose ethical investments. Can anyone remember anything else? Are there other things we can do?

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